We offer a full suite of solutions geared for every step of the customer's buying experience. From acquisition to retention to reactivation, our product solutions are geared towards your ultimate success.
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Category: Acquisition / Conquest
MarketBuilder is a Digital Acquisition Program designed to do one thing:

Take market share away from your competition by getting their customers to visit your site and showroom instead of your competitor's.


Category: Retention
RetentionGuard consistently amplifies and reinforces your dealership’s positive reputation in front of your customer base. You can’t gain market share if your dealership is losing its valuable customer base to the competition. And the best part is it’s on all the time. 24/7/365, regardless of what device your customer is on, or where they are online. RetentionGuard is always on.

CRM Reconnect

Category: Marketing
CRM ReConnect uses the industry’s most robust data set to help you find, repair and recapture valuable prospects who leave you and your dealership with only partial information, and helps convert them into incremental sales by targeting them across the multiple channels of social, display, retargeting, digital direct and mobile geo.


Category: Retention / Service
Lane Driver is a Digital Service Retention Program designed to do one thing….
Keep you Visually Present and Front of Mind with your current and past customers to ensure repeat business and also safeguard against digital attacks on your customer base from your competitors.

Lane Driver helps dealerships gain additional service revenue from new competitive service customers while also recapturing and retaining past service clients who are at risk of defecting due to persuasive marketing or competitor discounts.

This program will generate revenue and keep your service drive visually present and front of mind across all of the Audience Profile’s influence channel. Target the person, not just the vehicle, throughout the entire vehicle Lifecyle.


Category: Acquisition / SEM
Would it surprise you if I told you that 1 out of every 3 dollars you spend on digital media is basically stolen from you, and no live person ever sees any actual marketing from that dollar?

Unfortunately it’s true. BUT here’s some Great News - ActivReach is in fact the solution to this epidemic.

Drivonic has designed and implemented the Digital Media industry’s first ever RealTime Click level Traffic Verification System. Now you can know that your entire ad spend is working for you. Click the link to learn more.


Category: Acquisition / Conquest
MobileLync is the industry's top in-market geo-specific mobile acquisition program and was built for one purpose: to identify and capture in-market sales customers that have been actively shopping on-site at your competitor's dealership or website within the last 24 to 48 hours.

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